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For some time now, our https sensors have had the limitation to only support the older TLS1.0 version or SSL3. Now that “TLS1.2 only” support becomes the standard configuration of secure web servers, we are starting to update the machines running these sensors with a software version supporting these protocols.  While we are thinking the change should not impact

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iDrone3 beta release

Monday, 21 November 2016 by

An AlertFox iDrone3 beta version installer is available for download at We strongly advise not to use this beta version for any other purpose than enjoying a preview of iDrone’s next version features:  Unattended operation (iDrone as a service) Simplified familiar UI to control iDrone Support for Firefox, IE, IMacros web browser and Chrome

On Friday the 22nd, between 15:38 and 16:43 UTC, we noticed an unexpected error occurred on AlertFox backend. Some transaction sensors (iMacros) results might not have been saved during that period of time. We modified some settings on our side to prevent this happening again. All our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Classic was left unaffected.

We mentioned some potential unwanted side effect in our previous blog post from 20th of September . Unfortunately, a very limited set of users received alerts raised following the malfunctions we observed in the cloud. Classic sensors alerting was not triggered and operation was stable throughout the whole instability period. Transaction monitoring failed in some cases,

On Sunday 20th of September, from 10:00AM(UTC) to 15:30PM(UTC), our cloud platform provider experienced several issues. We expect little to no side effect. However, please keep this event in mind should you have noticed anything unusual about your iMacros sensors. Thank you for your understanding.

The AlertFox backend currently has problems performing transaction measurements. This is related to some performance degradation in our cloud, and our provider (Amazon) is currently working to fix this asap. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Update: Amazon confirmed everything is back to normal, and AF can resume full speed service. We expect little to

As some of you already have noticed, the Public Dashboard configuration panel sports a new “Apply Whitelist” column. This addition controls a new great feature allowing you to create a semi-public dashboard, e. g. a dashboard that is viewable only within your company network. If you do not plan to change your use of the Public