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As promised, here’s an update on the issue we had on April 30th. Between 8:40 GMT and 22:00 GMT, one of our measurement components failed which took classic monitoring down. Being a web monitoring company, we do not fail to notice the irony that our monitoring took very long to bring this problem to our

As announced on Twitter (cf. here, here, and here), the AlertFox service experienced some technical difficulties. In your “Tactical Overview” the problem may show up as missing results (cf. screenshot).   So here’s what happened and how our system was affected: Our site had a problem connecting to the database storing the results of your

Partial Outage on Feb 02, 2016

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 by

As announced via Twitter, the AlertFox infrastructure experienced a technical issue yesterday. This is to update you on the details: The AlertFox control panel was unavailable between 05:20 GMT and 14:55 GMT. During that interval, no notifications were sent. During that interval, no classic measurements were recorded. Additionally, no classic measurements were recorded for the

The AlertFox backend currently has problems performing transaction measurements. Staff is working on identifying and rectifying the cause. Classic sensors are not affected. Update 1: The reason for our problems is an issue with the Amazon infrastructure we’re using. iDrone sensors are not affected Update 2: Only minutes after Amazon sent a promising update, our

Over the last several hours, classic measurements’ results (HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, FTP) intermittently fail to be stored in some customers’ accounts. This leads to missing results and alerts –  at least until a next measurement is able to properly register a result. A quick fix is in place already, and we’re working on a full

Starting next week, we will update our classic sensors’ back-end architecture to match our transaction (iMacros) sensors. Besides improved scalability and performance, this will allow for future feature extensions (like additional monitoring locations).

No action is required from our customers.

When we announced a back-end change to our HAR engine, we told you that clear-text HAR files for SSL connections were a possible future extension. Today we’re happy to tell you that we will be rolling out exactly this feature within the next weeks and across all regions. Just as with HTTP connections today, your

2015-04-01 iDrone Back-end Update

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 by

On Wednesday, April 1st, 2015, we will update our iDrone back-end. The change is expected to be completely transparent.   [Update] The operation went smoothly. Let us know in case you encounter any problem.

Backend Update: New SMS Provider

Friday, 13 March 2015 by

After receiving reports about missing or heavily delayed SMS notifications, our team has changed the SMS provider for the AlertFox backend. Our new provider has a reputation for top notch reliability and allows for future extensions of our alerting features (e.g. phone alerts). Note that the notification SMS’s sender ID (+1 781-209-6001) will differ from

Backend Update: Waterfall/HAR Generation

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 by

Starting this week, we’ll be updating our measurement server software stack wrt. the creation of waterfall diagrams (HAR files).

tl;dr: We’ll transparently switch to a new Waterfall/HAR generating software component. No actions are required from our users.