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Alerts get new e-mails and new subjects

by / Thursday, 15 September 2011 / Published in Product News

Reliable alerts is one of the key features of AlertFox. In addition to that, we are always interested in improving the way you receive our alerts making them informative right from the start. Here are two enhancements that will take place in the next days:

1. Improved, clearer email subject line

DOWN – HTTP: Sensor description (
UP – HTTP: Sensor description (

DOWN – iMacros: Sensor description [Error -321, error message]
UP – iMacros: Sensor description

2. New alerts will be sent from (down alerts) and (up alerts).The main purpose for this change is to allow mobile devices users to immediately see what the alert is about even before they open the e-mail/SMS. That is especially useful when roaming in another country and you might only be able to see the email address but not the content without incurring roaming charges (that happened to us this summer). And even in normal situations, it allows you to see immediately if AlertFox brings good or bad news.We understand that some of our users have set up system to automatically filter and process our alert notifications. Thus we will leave the old system in place for all current users by default.

In order to migrate to the new settings (for both improved e-mails and improved subjects), you need to open your AlertFox Control Panel, navigate to ‘Settings’ – ‘Account Settings’, press ‘Edit’ and check the ‘Use new settings for alerts’ check box.


All new users will have the new settings enabled by default.

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