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AlertFox watching Narwhal

by / Thursday, 28 April 2011 / Published in Tips and Tricks

Today, the latest release of Ubuntu (version 11.04, codename “Natty Narwhal”) has been released. And of course I used an AlertFox sensor to notify me once the new ISO images were there. Here’s how:

– An HTTP sensor was set up to monitor the download page.
– While Natty was not yet released, that page contained links to the beta 2 ISO files, so
– the HTTP sensor was set up to check for the keyword “ubuntu-11.04-beta2-desktop-i386.iso”.
– Actually, it was set up to check that the above keyword was not on that page, so that
– once the beta links were replaced by the real 11.04 links on the Natty release…
– AlertFox sent me an email about it
– and I could fetch the new release immediately (using this zsync trick, to minimize download time).

Now, after the release, both, the sensor’s graph as well as its log show how the rollout took place over time:

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