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1-minute interval classic monitoring on ALL PRO plans!

by / Tuesday, 04 December 2012 / Published in Product News

The AlertFox team is excited to announce that our newest and most talked about 1-minute interval classic monitoring feature has been extended to ALL of our PRO plans!

Know immediately if there is a problem with your critical applications by monitoring their response times every minute! And in order to be sure we’re absolutely certain of a slowdown when it occurs, we’ll monitor your web page from two separate locations within your selected region.

Here’s a recap:

— AlertFox System update: New features for classic sensors
1-min interval classic sensors for HTTP (URL), DNS (URL), and FTP (Hostname) at no additional charge for all PRO users
— PRO1 users can: Monitor up to 10 sites/servers every minute
— PRO2 users can: Monitor up to 20 sites/servers every minute
— PRO3 users can: Monitor up to 30 sites/servers every minute

Happy Monitoring!

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