How to Alert on a Group of Sensors

Thursday, 10 April 2014 by

Have you ever wanted to be able to receive an alert if one or more sensors are failing simultaneously? For example, let’s say you have three sensors monitoring some aspect of your site, and each sensor is configured to run in its own region. These sensors will already alert you if there is a problem

Synthetic vs Real User Monitoring

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 by

Let me start out by being honest. It seems every single post about this topic on the web is biased. Synthetic monitoring vendors highlight the advantages of synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring (RUM) vendors point out the advantages of RUM. And vendors that offer both, recommend to use both. At AlertFox we focus on having

Until today, the public dashboard graphs showed our standard performance graphs. But since last year we have the more informative multi-step charts available inside the AlertFox Control Center – and since today our public dashboards display these charts, too. The rule is simple: The standard performance graphs are still used if your transaction test does not contain

As some of you already have noticed, the Public Dashboard configuration panel sports a new “Apply Whitelist” column. This addition controls a new great feature allowing you to create a semi-public dashboard, e. g. a dashboard that is viewable only within your company network. If you do not plan to change your use of the Public

In order to ensure the quality of the back-end operations, AlertFox will be offline for a short period starting at 11:00am GMT on Thursday, March 6th.  Estimated downtime is 30-45 minutes. This will affect the user interface on as well as scheduled measurements and notifications. [Update] It took us a little longer than expected,

One of our colleagues is planning a trip to Brazil. She discovered that the website of the Brazilian Consulate in Munich has been inaccessible the whole weekend: (it works again by now). While it was down, the German version ( showed only the header, and the links in there lead again to 403 error. In other words…,

While our administrators are dealing with the AlertFox database (in order to overcome potential performance issues) some customers report failures when accessing reports or running “Test Now”. We are aware of this problem and are trying to fix it. Please refer to this post for updates. [Update] The underlying cause has been identified and a

Downtime of the week: Sears Online Store

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 by

It probably comes at no surprise that the team at AlertFox uses the web heavily even outside of work, from casual browsing, to shopping and travel planning. Often we encounter website issues where we think “This would not happen if they had a good web performance monitoring system in place”. In this series  we will report

Last night we had a database storage issue that has affected the storage of classic results for some customers between 0:00 and 6:00am CET on 2014/1/29. iMacros results and alerting were not affected.    

Measurement Server Update: iMacros 9.0.6

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 by

Over the next few days we will update our measurement servers to take advantage of  iMacros version 9.0.6. This update does not require any changes to your sensors.